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Missing the SI website

I’ve been missing the survival instinct site:(
Anyone know who owned it and if there is any way to get it back up?
I know at one point they were asking for donations to keep it active.
I’m wondering if it was taken down because of cost or what...

Ice and Fire

Originally posted by dr_roslin at Ice and Fire

I have plenty of time to write - thanks public transit - but seemingly little time to publish. Even the editing takes less time since I don't need access to the internet. In any case, trying to remember how to do this. Here goes. A little Star Wars Awakens certainly helps.

In any case, just re-watched Home and my heart is full. So I'm posting this piece. I wrote it a year ago, with Tom Zarek's voice in my head. All standard notes apply - when it comes to writings on BSG RDM owns the characters and stories, though our words are our own.

On that note, the final line is not mine but Galatea's, from her work, No Place Like Home. It inspired the whole piece, for which I am grateful.

Spoiler wise - for any newbies, although its not quite accurate but it is simple. I hope the LJ cut works, but in any case: if you haven't hit Home yet, don't read the following.


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Second Parts and Works in Progress

Forgive me, I forgot that if I want people to read, it would help if I posted the links. In truth I posted these to my journal and meant to post the links this summer before my life imploded . Go Jays!

In any case, please see below for Part two of my Drabble series, Breathe. As always, standard disclaimers apply.

You can find the first part here:

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The second part is here I Don't Wanna Love You

There are also a couple of pieces that I completed earlier this year. I am particularly proud of the second part of Stupidity and Moonshine as it makes me laugh, and it isn't often that I like my own dialogue. For those who read and commented on the first part, I hope you enjoy.

The second part is subtitled Cylons and Secrets, and it continues the story of Ellen and Laura's rather epic drinking contest. Kara is the chaperone. See, even the summary makes me smile.

Here is Cylons and Secrets

The second part of my AE piece, Strength in Pain, Six of One, is also there

As well, the first parts of a couple of WIP are there, so have a look, and if you have any comments, let me know, as I am still in progress with them. They each have a few more parts completed, but are still definitely WIP...

Anyway the first part of Boots is here

Flyboys is here

Let me know what you think if you get a chance... Now that my life have some semblance of continuity, there are a few pieces I'd like to take a renewed crack at.
Laura - Daybreak

FF: Running (K)

"Running" by Adrienne

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

~ * ~

If life had taught Laura Roslin anything, it was to run—from loss, from pain, from grief, from any situation where she might risk feeling these things again.

Running was the only way to safeguard her heart, to ensure that she would never again stand alone beside three freshly dug graves under a glaring Caprican sun.

There had been no joy in Laura Roslin's life that had not ended in pain.  There had been no love in Laura Roslin's life that had not ended in death.

So Laura Roslin ran in solitude throughout her life, content enough to do so, and really, remembering nothing else.

When the worlds ended, she had had nothing left to lose.  Never imagining that she would gain something that made all the loss and pain in her life somehow more bearable, until she no longer needed to run.

Laura Roslin believed that giving in to her emotions left her open and vulnerable, and therefore weak.  Weak as a president, weak to the press and her subordinates, weak as a woman, as a human being, even.  She was always running from weakness, which she detests above all else, the one trait she considers unacceptable, both in herself and in others.  But oddly enough, she never thinks less of Bill Adama, never thinks him weak, even though he is ruled and swayed by his emotions more often than not, most especially by his guilt and his grief.

And in reaction to these perceived possible vulnerabilities in her emotions, she has built walls around herself, both literal and metaphorical, and within her psyche as well.  Walls so old, too high and vast for anyone to ever hope to surmount.  She wasn't certain how Bill Adama had found his way past her walls and barricades to travel so slowly and quietly on the thorny path to her heart.  Nor was she certain when or how she had found her way to his.  She sees now that they had traversed parallel paths throughout these many years of being out at sea until the paths converged, became one, and they were inextricably bound to each other's hearts and souls.

By the time the fact that they had fallen in love became something they both recognized, it was too late to run.  And most incredibly of all, she discovered she had no desire to and that she had in fact quite possibly been running toward him, toward them, all her life.

And now, at the end of her life for the second time, Laura Roslin could stop running for good because for the first time she had a love she could keep until her dying day.  For the first time she would be the one leaving, not the one left behind.  But, for the first time, she did not know which was worse, the leaving or the staying.

Free A/R Fanfiction Available

I'm trying not to SpamFic! you all, but if you want, there is free BSG fanfiction available on my home page.

Most recently, I've posted a response to Choosing Sarah's Reunion, written from Adama's P.O.V. Collapse )

I've also posted what will the first in a series of drabbles set in the angst-fuelled period between Crossroads and Six of One, Collapse )

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD inspired an Adama/Roslin drabble in disguise; Collapse )

And finally, I posted the first chapter of a New Caprican fic, Stupidity and Moonshine, wherein Laura challenges Ellen Tigh to a drinking contest. Starbuck acts as chaperone, and she finds it hard to hold down her liquor. Collapse )

If you're interested, come on over!
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New website to the fandom!

Some weeks ago I did a website to inspire fans to write fanfiction!

This website gives you two characters, a word, a sentence, a theme, and a rating, all of those at random! (the problem is the website is in Spanish, sorry about that, but my English is not that good at the moment ^^' but I promise you I’ll try to improve that soon).

Right now I just have a few tv-shows and characters on the data base (you can see what I have in my DB doing click on “Lista de Personajes”) but you can send me new ones if you want me to add them to the list if you want (you can do that just doing click on "Pídeme cosas nuevas".)

The website also gives you the next options:

-Doing a Crossover.
-Choosing the gender of the pairing.
-Choosing a few characters in particular to do the mix (clicking on "Selecciona los Personajes").
-Choosing two characters to see what word, sentence, theme or rating the website assign them.

I had a lot of fun with the website these past days and even though it is in Spanish I think maybe you can also enjoy it! And I hope you do as much as I did!

It’s just a little contribution to the fandom but I’d love to read all your thoughts about it!

Thanks a lot!!
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Endings and Beginnings

Originally posted by dr_roslin at Endings and Beginnings
So. Here it is. The story I could not get out of my head. I guess at this point it's my Alternate Ending piece, though, honestly, I still hope my muse will strike and I'll be able to write one that is slightly...happier.

The moment I finished BSG I started thinking of how my AE would go, 'cause... you know. You've most likely seen the end, you know. Anyway, again, I had hoped for something happier, but this story just wouldn't get out of my head until I wrote it down.

Bear with me, it's quite long, (total of about 10 000 words) so I'm posting in sections to try not to scare you all off. Please be gentle...


Arriving at Earth from Laura's P.O.V.

Notes on Spoilers
[Spoilerphobes Beware]

There a few differences, obviously, from the canon. In terms of the show as aired, I tried to stay as canon as possible through Daybreak up until they come out of the the final jump input by Kara. It diverges from there. For the purposes of my AE, both the Galactica and Laura aren't quite as broken as RDM had it. The Galactica still has FTL capabilities and Laura has weeks, not days. Also, they find contemporary Earth, not pre-historic earth.

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