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Survival Instinct

An Adama/Roslin Community

Survival Instinct - Adama/Roslin
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This group is about William Adama and Laura Roslin from the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series and miniseries. Be they friends, lovers, enemies or rivals, feel free to explore their relationship beyond the show here with chat, gossip, news, fanfic and fanart. Please do not post anything not related to A/R without permission - these posts will be deleted at the discretion of the mods.

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Spoilers: Since BSG has concluded, it's now safe to discuss without the prerequisite spoiler warnings, however, it is still polite to put in your title the name/number of any episode you are referring to in your post and LJ Cuts are a wonderful way to keep from cluttering up people's friend lists!

Advertising: Please feel free to advertise any A/R related fanfic, art, spoilers etc on this community. If you wish to advertise another community, website or something not strictly related to A/R, please contact one of the moderators for permission to do so.

Posting: Please follow LJ Etiquette and put long posts, images, icons, fanfic and other goodies under a cut (you can put a teaser on the main page, but be sensible as to the size of your post). Keep anything that you wouldn't see or hear on regular access TV before ten under a cut. This is how you do an LJ cut:

<lj-cut text="This is Your Link Text"> This is what you place behind the cut </lj-cut>

Newbies: Please feel free to introduce yourselves if you wish - but place your introduction behind a cut.

A/R Chat: Scheduled Chats are every other Sunday at 4pm PST. Reminders will be posted to the comm the Saturday beforewith the name of the episode being discussed, and the Chatzy chatroom link.

For an archive of Adama/Roslin fanfiction, please visit the Survival Instinct Fanfiction Archive.

Take a look at the memories for links to fanfiction, graphics, icons and screencaps previously posted in the community.

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